Sunday, May 19, 2013

Why We Left Brentwood, TN and Moved to Haiti

Our transition to Haiti is complete.  We've finished our first full week here in our new home and we have loved every minute.  Even though we've spent 1 year out of the last 3 in Haiti, this time the move is permanent.  We've left Brentwood, TN with electricity, air conditoning and smooth roads to live in Thomazeau, Haiti without any of these supposed necessities.  We left Nashville with all its beautiful churches and Chrisitans to a country where 60% of the people are voodoo worshippers.  And this is the crux of why we left.  

Many aid workers have come to help Haiti only to leave discouraged and disillousioned.  Bringing typical American solutions, has failed more often than not.  Governments have thrown billions of dollars in the direction of Haiti only to realize the same fate.  The hope for Haiti doesn't lie in the implementation of more programs or further government subsidy but in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Voodoo is a religion of curses and hopelessness.  Two concepts every Haitian knows all too well.  The western assumption that money cures hopelessness has been endlessly refuted by the constant anti-depressant use by the rich.  Similarly, we should not assume that endless governmental subsidy would have a different outcome.  

The Gospel of Jesus Christ which is to be spread by all Chrisitans offers all the hope any culture needs.  

The salvation of Haiti belongs to Jesus Christ.

And this is why we moved to Haiti.   

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  1. David, you and Laurie are in our prayers for smooth transition, safety, and an effective ministry to the people of Haiti. We are amazed by your trust and courage, but confident in the God who led you there. We will be faithful in prayer for coming years. Eager to hear more.
    Kathryn Broom Mick